Murnau's Faust in 5 Frames
Faust (1926) dir. F.W. Murnau

Faust 01""Faust," with its supernatural vistas of heaven and hell, is particularly distinctive in the way it uses the whole canvas. Consider the startling early shot of Mephisto, his dark wings obscuring the sky as he hovers above a little village that huddles in the lower right corner." - Roger Ebert

Faust 02"Rembrandt's etchings are brilliant studies of chiaroscuro, the dramatic interplay of light and darkness in a work of art. An etching is a symbolically-rich form for depicting Faust, the classic, oft-told story of the battle between good and evil for one man's soul." - Darren Hughes

Faust 05".. the film is dominated by [Emil] Jannings's charismatic Mephisto, made up like a character in the kabuki theatre." - Philip French

Faust 04"Decades before the advent of digital effects, Murnau was pushing boundaries in terms of visual innovation that still impress and dazzle today. While they may no longer seem photo-realistic, his use of super-imposition, model work, camera movement and other visual storytelling techniques single out Faust as one of the great technical masterpieces of the silent era." - James Marsh

Faust 03"The cosmos aligned itself through emotion for Murnau—it's not a substitute for literature, it's pure cinema." - Fernando F. Croce

Faust is available to watch on YouTube.