The Mexican War Journal of Thomas James Dunn

Mormon Battalion mustering outWar did not come at a convenient time for my great-x5-grandfather Thomas James Dunn. His son was only a month old and his family was facing an uncertain future while they prepared for a dangerous migration. He was being asked to fight for a cause far removed from his own interests, and for a country that had refused to protect him and his religion. But he went, marching 1,850 miles in what may be the longest infantry march in American history. Along the way, he helped blaze trails that are still used today, helped secure the Southwest for the U.S., and was on hand to record landmark events in history, including the start of the California Gold Rush.

Thomas James DunnDunn left with a sense of destiny. He began keeping a journal, writing on that first day “For the sake of the glory that was to come we cheerfully went forth to seek the glory and exaltation for which we had been seeking.”

How did a young man from New York end up at the Pacific Ocean as a corporal in the 1st Iowa Infantry?

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