TSPDT 1,000 - 2011 Update

TSPDT 1,000 - 2011 Update

The 2011 edition of the They Shoot Pictures, Don't They 1,000 Greatest Films List was published this week. The world of film is a broad, vast wilderness, and TSPDT provides a map.  Not for the utility of getting from Point A to Point B, of course.  It's a Treasure Island map - a drawing of all the wonderful, bizarre, fascinating places to explore.

There were only 38 changes.  I picked up 10 films and lost only 5.

We're still a couple years away from the Big Change.  For the past half-century, Sight & Sound has polled hundreds of critics and filmmakers once a decade, and TSPDT weighs those polls heavily.  The new S&S polls will be published in 2012, so the 2013 Top 1,000 might look very different than the current edition.

Although one of my favorites, Arsenic and Old Lace, returned to the list, comedies are still underrepresented.  107 films are listed as Comedy, and 64 more as Comedy-Drama.  These are desperately needed, with 109 being labeled 'Tone - Bleak.'  37 Westerns made the list, barely edging out the 36 Sci-Fis.  40 Noirs and Post-Noirs appear.

In his introduction to the new list, Bill Georgaris notes that more than 90% of the films come from North America and Europe.  It seems that he'll be looking for ways to add more international diversity to the list in the future.

Georgaris thanks list bloggers:

Many film-bloggers in particular have not only taken on the challenge of watching all 1,000 films but have, more importantly, brought to the attention of their readers a range of films (from our 1,000 list) deserving of everybody's time. This is what it is all about at the end of the day, and it is basically TSPDT's modus operandi. We're in the 'business' of bringing to the fore as many worthwhile films as we can, and the 1,000 Greatest Films list works as a decent enough place to start.

Blogger Kevin D. Lee of Shooting Down Pictures finished the list up last year.  At 385 checks, it might be quite a while before I join him... but I will join him.